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About Kumejima Deep sea water
About Kumejima deep sea water

About Kumejima Deep sea water

Kumejima Deep sea water

Water becoming base of all cosmetics uses Kumejima Deep sea water. There are few various germs, and Deep sea water drawn from offing 2.3km of Kumejima, depth of the water 612m includes mineral in richness.
We are next to Okinawa Deep sea water research institute, and it is drawn water by research institute without touching fresh air by pipeline connected directly with. We are reborn as raw materials of cosmetics newly after Deep sea water drawn water divides into water, salt, mineral and was refined.

With Kumejima Deep sea water

Low water temperature characteristics

It is stable at low temperature for anniversary

Wealth nutrient

Nutritive salts are left without photosynthesis due to phytoplankton being carried out

Cleanliness characteristics

There are few result numbers of bacteria that the organic resolution by bacterias went ahead or there is little contact of pollutant by the modernization

Merit using Kumejima Deep sea water

We were announced in university research organization

It performed experiment about collagen composition promotion effect using human skin line fibrous cell of "KM-DSWP" made from Kumejima Deep sea water by original technique (cosmetics raw materials water), and it was shown to increase quantity of procollagen.

Aging care by collagen composition promotion effect

Collaborative investigation:
pointopyuru, Professor Toyama Prefectural University Yasuhiro Igarashi

Collagen composition promotion effect

We performed comparative experiments about procollagen-producing quantity using Homo sapiens skin fibroblast to evaluate fair skin effect of "KM-DSWP" made with our original manufacturing method by Kumejima Deep sea water (cosmetics raw materials water).
KM-DSWP showed approximately 210% of relative collagen-producing activity (in comparison with distilled water 2.1 times), and procollagen-producing promotion effect was accepted.
Decrease and change in quality of skin fibroblastic collagen-producing ability drop and collagen produce skin by aging.
Our "KM-DSWP" gives vitality to cell, and it is hoped that we show effect for aging care of skin by promoting collagen production.

Kumejima Deep sea water which attracts attention

Kumejima Deep sea water attracts attention from all over the world.
There was inspection in Okinawa Deep sea water research institute from overseas 50 countries, approximately 5,000 people in these 2 years.
Now of fishery, drinking water, food, besides, Kumejima Deep sea water is used by cosmetics, production of liquor, and it is expected in future what is utilized Kumejima Deep sea water in various fields.

Kumejima Deep sea water brand mark

Kumejima Deep sea water brand mark

We apply to Kumejima Deep sea water communication meeting for permission to use Kumejima Deep sea water brand mark, and product using Kumejima Deep sea water can add brand mark of the right note to product when authorized.
Do you not emphasize your cosmetics by genuine proof using Kumejima Deep sea water?


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