Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

About the handling of personal information

On the use of our site, we may collect personal information of customer to offer better service. Range of personal information to collect assumes minimum to achieve purpose of collection and observes laws and ordinances about protection of personal data concerned in the handling.

About management, protection of personal information

We perform appropriate management on privacy policy of customer whom pointopyuru collected and try for prevention of outflow to the outside. In addition, for danger such as unjust access from the outside or loss, destruction, manipulation, we perform safety measures of appropriate and rational level and act for protection of personal information of customer.

About the use of personal information

We may use personal information of customer for the next purpose.

  • Delivery of product which you ordered, sending of document
  • Information about product and service

About third party offer of personal information

pointopyuru may not disclose personal information of customer to third party except duties trust point without with consent of customer. But we may disclose personal information without agreement of user when disclosure is demanded by laws and ordinances.

Improvement of our policy

When the need of review occurs about privacy policy of user, pointopyuru is improved appropriately.


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