Cosmetics OEM


What kind of product can you make in QuestionOEM?
It supports Answer unregulated drug, cosmetics, hair care product. Specifically, please refer.
When we sell OEM cosmetics of Question original, is cosmetic manufacturing distributive trades permission necessary?
Answer cosmetic manufacturing distributive trades permission is not necessary. Because we hold making and selling permission in us, visitor can devote himself/herself only to sale.
How much is the smallest lot of QuestionOEM cosmetics?
The Answer's smallest lot varies according to shape, capacity of product. Specifically, please confirm OEM guidance page.
Cosmetics OEM/ODM of pointopyuru
When you ask for QuestionOEM cosmetics by the smallest lot, how much price can you do it at?
Answer product niyotteniyotte is different. Specifically, please confirm OEM guidance page.
Cosmetics OEM/ODM of pointopyuru
Is trial manufacture before asking for Question product charged?
Trial manufacture of Answer product becomes free, but the above-mentioned trial manufacture should be pay three times. In addition, please talk when there is much amount of trial manufacture.
Using raw materials of the Question company, is making of OEM cosmetics possible?
Use of Answer is possible. (possible basically if recognized as cosmetics raw materials. Please inquire for the details.)
Will you provide with material such as exclusive container or label for Question original merchandise?
We do Answer correspondence. We prepare container, label which your request included. Please talk about the details.
Can you ask until design of package and container of Question cosmetics?
Answer request is possible. Designer in the company, outside designer cope, too and produce to request of visitor.
Can you talk from stage of plan of Question original merchandise?
Answer consultation is possible. When product concepts are not decided, please feel free to consult.
Can you purchase only Question raw materials?
Answer we perform cosmetic manufacturing, but decline supply of raw materials (Deep sea water).

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