Feelings of water

Making cosmetics in Kumejima
Commitment to water

Making cosmetics in Kumejima

The making of cosmetics which we made use of characteristic of Kumejima in

Nature material of Okinawa met Deep sea water in Kumejima, and naturalism cosmetics were born. There are rich nature and beautiful water in Kumejima.
We are thinking that it is one of the big reasons that we can choose as customer that there is this beautiful water. In addition, nature material reaching for a long time told to be good for the making of fair skin exists a lot in Okinawa including Kumejima. We put nature material of Okinawa and the latest new raw materials together to base in Deep sea water of Kumejima and make cosmetics easy for which can be pleased with customer.

We work on conservation of nature of pointopyuru

Clean water device

Photovoltaic power generation is the harvest, eco-generation, too

We take in solar panel on the factory, and eco-friendly eco-generation conjugates.

Filtration of thorough factory effluent

We install large-capacity clean water device and protect nature rich beautifully of Kumejima.

Coral reef of Kumejima

Meeting which protects the sea of Kumejima

We contribute a part of the sales to "meeting protecting the sea of Kumejima" to leave this beautiful sea for future children. Donation is allotted for activity funds such as the extermination such as acanthaster preying on coral other than coral maintenance and protection activity of Kumejima.


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