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Business name pointopyuru
Representative director Atsushi Omichi (omichiatsushi)
The location The head office: 486-12, Maja, Kumejima-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
TEL: 098 – 896 – 8701
FAX: 098 – 896 – 8702
The establishment date March 9, 2001
Capital 65 million yen
Stockholder Atsushi Omichi
Okinawa Development Finance Corporation
Correspondent bank Bank of the Ryukyus Kumejima Branch
Okinawa Development Finance Corporation
Line of business ・Cosmetics OEM product manufacturing (we can produce small lot)
・Soap, cleansing, basic cosmetics
・Water-soluble gel, lotion, extract cream
・Product, thin figure gel for hair care, beauty treatment salon
・Local Halal product
・Other products for business use
Acquisition registration number Unregulated drug manufacturing industry permit: 47DZ200001
Unregulated drug production distributive trades permit: 47DX10003
Cosmetics manufacturing industry permit: The 47th CZ008028
Cosmetic manufacturing distributive trades permit: The 47th C0X00011
Business permit: The 200702250th (additive manufacturing industry)
Member group Okinawa health industry meeting
Meeting which protects the sea of Kumejima
West Japan cosmetics industry society
Kumejima Deep sea water meeting


pointopyuru Atsushi Omichi

We adopt passion to manufacturing and the latest technique that our company is founded in 2001 and meets needs of the new times precisely. We carry out quality control to make high quality cosmetics including safety, productivity, hygiene side thoroughly.

Blessings of nature of Kumejima and clean, gentle heart. Cosmetics produce one one carefully in such an environment.

It is natural cosmetic of pointopyuru that was born from such thought that "relief wants to use safe thing for for both customer and oneself" from experience that had trouble with hand rough weather as law of nature, beautician.

We work on new material, technical improvement that environmental problem classified into field of vision positively.

Besides flexible organization control and high technology to make use of ability of all employees in become our property in anything.

We keep precise service in mind still more and deepen further relations with customer and will always meet request of customer in o motto in "taste natural with rich lifestyle".

pointopyuru representative director Atsushi Omichi


Call time from 9:00 to 17:00