Manufacturing Japan award [award for excellence] receiving a prize

"Manufacturing Japan award" was announced on January 15, and pointopyuru won award for excellence in Okinawa.

Manufacturing Japan award


pointopyuru is cosmetics OEM/ODM maker in Kumejima-cho, Okinawa.
Using 100% of cosmetics raw materials water which was refined in original technique from "Kumejima Deep sea water", we perform development and production of cosmetics which were particular about nature ingredient and functionality.


Kumejima Deep sea water and natural material of Okinawa

Natural material of approximately 30 kinds of Okinawa met Kumejima Deep sea water in Kumejima, and naturalism cosmetics were born.
There are rich nature and beautiful water in Kumejima.
We are thinking that it is one of the big reasons that we can choose as customer that there is this beautiful water. In addition, nature material reaching for a long time told to be good for the making of fair skin exists a lot in Okinawa including Kumejima. We put nature material of Okinawa and the latest new raw materials together to base in Deep sea water of Kumejima and make cosmetics easy for which can be pleased with customer.

About Kumejima Deep sea water

Feelings to material

Making cosmetics in Kumejima
Meaning to make cosmetics in Kumejima

Kumejima blessed with natural environments

Kumejima located in the East China Sea of western approximately 100km of Okinawa Island Naha-shi is small island like total area approximately 63 square km. Because it was the most beautiful island, from the Ryukyu Heian period when trade was prosperous, it was called "island of the ball beauty" in Ryukyu Islands. In addition, in Kumejima blessed with warm climates through one year, the whole island is appointed in prefectural nature park, and part is registered with Ramsar Convention as important damp ground which you should keep in good condition globally in 2008. In May, 2010, large-scale coral crowd of 300m in length, 200m in width to spread through sea area of depth of the water 15-35m of the Kumejima coast was confirmed. It seems that overall scale is bigger, and continuous investigation is carried out.

Making cosmetics in Kumejima

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